Getting the most out of Ultimate Cleavage Clips

It’s important to wear a correct fitting bra. An ill fitting bra may reduce the results you achieve from Ultimate Cleavage.

Where you position the clips will alter the effect that you achieve. Positioning the clips higher up on the cups will produce a more dramatic effect, whereas positioning the clips lower on the cups will result in a more subtle effect. Correct positioning of your bra straps is also important.  We recommend that you experiment with different bra styles to see which work best with the clips.

Ultimate Cleavage Clips can also be worn on the back of bra straps to convert them to racer back – the added benefit of creating a racer back is that this will also lift and enhance your cleavage at the same time.

How it Works

Before attaching the clips to your bra it is recommended that you practice connecting your new clips.

Please note: Right handed users hold the clip with the hook in your right hand and left handed users hold the clip with the hook in your left hand.

Step 1: Tilt the clip with the hook and insert the hook down through the hole

Step 2: Straighten the clip and push the remainder of the hook through the hole

Step 3: Push the hook all the way down until the two clips are level

Instructional Videos