Enhanced Cleavage

“I love this product! I’ve spent a lot of money on expensive padded bras in the past to try and get a decent cleavage, but no bra has ever achieved the amazing results this has! I love the fact I could not tell I was wearing the clips, unlike padded bras which can be really uncomfortable”


Uneven breasts appear more symmetrical

“I have one breast larger than the other and I am extremely self conscious of it when I go out in low cut tops. Since I have been wearing the clips my breasts look completely even. I’m so much more confident when I go out.”


Breast Lift

“My breasts seem to have separated with age and I am never entirely satisfied with them, even in a good bra. I bought a new dress but was unhappy with the shape and position of my breasts in it. Using the clips on the back of my bra straps was the perfect solution as they noticeably lifted my bust and securely held my breasts in the perfect position all evening.”



“I’ve always found strapless bras a real pain to wear. They slip down and there is often a gap between my breasts and the cups. The clips made my bra feel so much more secure and I did not spend the night readjusting like I normally have to.”


Strong and secure bra strap converter

“I’ve tried various different bra strap converters in the past, all of which have fallen off within the first hour of wearing them. I’ve only ever been able to find plastic ones which just aren’t strong enough for my breasts. These clips are so strong and secure. I am G cup and they stayed on my bra the entire day. ”